Welcome, I'm Cade Hocraffer I'm an amateur programmer studying at Centriq Training in Kansas City.

About Me

How I got Here
In High School, I took a year long class on basic Web Design. We studied HTML and CSS in the first semester, and second semester we started implementing JavaScript functions. I really enjoyed this course and messed around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for over a year periodically. Computers in general have always fascinated me and I think through programming I am able to express my genuine interest in programming.
I graduated from Lawson High School in July of 2020 where I got my diploma. During my senior year, I attended Northland Caps and was able to work with real clients creating websites using WordPress. Northland Caps also allowed me to become an intern at a small company very easily and I gained a lot of experience there too. And in August of 2020 I started a course at Centriq Training in Kansas City to further my knowledge on Web Development. I am still a student at Centriq and expect to graduate and get certified in December of 2020.
I have worked on many projects since I started my Web Design class in High School, but my more impressive projects were assigned and completed during my time at Centriq. These projects include: C# Dungeoning Game Console Application; Fully Functional Store Front Website with a Database full of Products; and my favorite project, the very website you see before you.


My favorite project in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is easily this website. I found a stylesheet template online and converted it to MVC and have built my website using this theme. Another project regarding websites is my Store Front project which is all about using a database to display information. I based my "company" on the video game industry and there are many large video game titles stored in the database and displayed on the website. You can view this site at a later date.
My biggest C# project was a Console Application game where the player must traverse through many rooms and fight many enemies. I most recently implemented a class system, each class with their own special abilities, however if you want to play the base game how it is normally played, you can choose the human class with no special abilities or specialized stats (But that's no fun, right?). I don't currently have any other C# projects but I will most definitely create more in the future as I really enjoy C#.
Data and MVC
I have one project related to Data, and that is my Store Front project. With the Store Front site, it is essentially a site where you could buy products, however what makes this project special is that all of the products are stored in a Database. This website is not real, you can't actually buy anything from it, it's merely a mock up of what one would look like using a Database. And every website project I have completed has used MVC to help complete my projects to the best extent.


If you'd like to get in touch, go here.